Monthly Archives: October 2013

Website Redesign and Update

After a lengthy hiatus following the manic end of my University degree (for which I got a First Class Master’s Degree) I have decided to come back to the website to redesign it and, most importantly, update the content.

I have spent the last few weeks redesigning it to make it better looking and more slick. I have updated the three static pages (home, programming and design), but have not yet updated the blog – hence why it is currently a completely different style.

I have plans for the blog and will update it in the near future but this requires, at the very least, creating a custom WordPress skin to match the other pages. My preferred approach is actually to try to move away from WordPress altogether either to a custom solution of my own or a much more cut-down system. Obviously this will take me some time to do and settle on one of the various options so I wanted to make the three new pages live ASAP rather than hold them back. This allows me to create new content while I work on the new blog design.

I intend to create some final blog posts about my Individual Project (which I completed in May and haven’t posted about since February) as well as post about some of the other programming and design projects I have done.
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