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Finally got round to setting up my blog. I had planned to write my own theme (which I have designed but not yet converted to WordPress format), however due to time constraints that will no longer be possible for at least several months so I have decided to use the Gridiculous theme in the mean time. Unfortunately I have been having some browser compatibility issues with it – so far the only working browser I have found is Chrome on Linux: Chrome on Windows appears to have a hard time drawing the smaller text; Firefox on Windows messes up the header and uses a different, much larger font; Internet Explorer stretches the header image and also uses a different, much larger font; Firefox on Linux messes up some of the images and no mobile browsers I’ve tested fix the background to the screen properly. The lightbox also crops random parts off the images, which it doesn’t on other themes. I may try to fix these issues myself or fall back to a better tested theme (e.g. twenty-eleven) – I’m not yet decided.
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