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Website Redesign and Update

After a lengthy hiatus following the manic end of my University degree (for which I got a First Class Master’s Degree) I have decided to come back to the website to redesign it and, most importantly, update the content.

I have spent the last few weeks redesigning it to make it better looking and more slick. I have updated the three static pages (home, programming and design), but have not yet updated the blog – hence why it is currently a completely different style.

I have plans for the blog and will update it in the near future but this requires, at the very least, creating a custom WordPress skin to match the other pages. My preferred approach is actually to try to move away from WordPress altogether either to a custom solution of my own or a much more cut-down system. Obviously this will take me some time to do and settle on one of the various options so I wanted to make the three new pages live ASAP rather than hold them back. This allows me to create new content while I work on the new blog design.

I intend to create some final blog posts about my Individual Project (which I completed in May and haven’t posted about since February) as well as post about some of the other programming and design projects I have done.
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Blog Update

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t happy with my, then current, theme, Gridiculous. The browser compatibility issues were the main problem, but I also wasn’t 100% happy with the theme itself.

Since then I have learnt quite a bit more about how themes in WordPress are written and I have subsequently written my own in the form of a child theme built on top of the twentytwelve theme. This has the advantage of both being a relatively plain theme (so easy to customize) and, having been written by WordPress themselves, a pleasure to modify. Since it’s a child theme it will update as twentytwelve is updated so it should be fairly robust. I was surprised at just how painless the whole procedure was: the bulk of the rewrite took me just 6 hours with a small amount of planning before hand and a bit of messing around uploading it afterwards. I’m very happy with the end result and feel far more comfortable editing these themes now so I should be able to fix any problems as they arise; as I’m sure they will!

New Blog

Finally got round to setting up my blog. I had planned to write my own theme (which I have designed but not yet converted to WordPress format), however due to time constraints that will no longer be possible for at least several months so I have decided to use the Gridiculous theme in the mean time. Unfortunately I have been having some browser compatibility issues with it – so far the only working browser I have found is Chrome on Linux: Chrome on Windows appears to have a hard time drawing the smaller text; Firefox on Windows messes up the header and uses a different, much larger font; Internet Explorer stretches the header image and also uses a different, much larger font; Firefox on Linux messes up some of the images and no mobile browsers I’ve tested fix the background to the screen properly. The lightbox also crops random parts off the images, which it doesn’t on other themes. I may try to fix these issues myself or fall back to a better tested theme (e.g. twenty-eleven) – I’m not yet decided.
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